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Spectral Signatures of Electric Brain Activity

Enkephaloglyphs represent spectral signatures of electric brain activity under various recording conditions. Start point is a 16 channel EEG recorded followed by quantitative frequency analysis based on Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT). A unique method for mapping frequency changes allows documentation of all changes within one map, which corresponds mathematically to a 64 channel EEG. Depending on the application field enkephaloglyphs are subdivided into four categories:
Duration of Recording
Information on
Main Use
Software Package
364 ms
Advertisement Research
TV Commercials
Internet Surfing
3 min
Medical Diagnosis
Neurological Disease
2 x 5 min
Drug Action
Drug Development
8 h
Characterization of Sleep Aids

For the purpose of advertisement research single sweeps of 364 ms duration are needed because of the processing time of the brain for acoustic or visual stimuli (300-400 ms). Exact synchronization with eye tracking allows for quantitative evaluation of the reaction of the brain to single gazes. Importantly, not only conscious but also subconscious processes are evaluated.
For the purpose of medical diagnosis a longer recording of at least 3 minutes is recommended in order to determine the averaged basic status of electric activity and to compare it to a norm data base of several hundred healthy brains. Any of 102 quantitative parameters (17 electrode positions x 6 frequency bands) are evaluated and given with statistical significance for deviation from normality.
For the purpose of drug development at least two periods of 5 minutes of recording (placebo and active drug) are recommended to see changes of basic activity related to drug action. Frequency changes can be interpreted in terms of neurotransmitter activity. Based on about 25 years of experience a rational pharmacotherapy can be initiated on the knowledge which frequencies can be modulated by particular drugs with known effects on neurotransmission.
For the purpose of quantitative, objective description of sleep and discovery of new sleep aids the spectral frequency index (SFx) - an algorithm patented 20 years ago - was developed and validated. The SFx continuously documents the depth of sleep even during anaesthesia in one minute intervals. The parameter is medication independent and displayed in line real time on the screen. Its use saves medication and prevents undetected awakening (muscle relaxation!).

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Wilfried Dimpfel: Enkephaloglyphen, Spektrale Signaturen der elektrischen Hirntätigkeit als Spiegel der Psyche.
ISBN  978-3-8448-8208-7

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